Halloween and Bonfire Night

I know only too well how much the knocking at the door, can upset dogs.  Add on lots of knocking at the door, from strangers dressed in funny clothes can be very scary for dogs to understand.

Why not take the stress of Halloween off your dogs shoulders and let me look after them.   They won't be disturbed and I throw in a special dinner to celebrate Halloween.   Last year's offering was witches fingers (doggy hot dogs) and of course a good spoonful of roast pumpkin.

For Bonfires Night it's lovely and quiet - all my nearest neighbours have their own dogs so do not celebrate with fireworks.   We might see the fireworks, in the distance but we can't hear them.

Why not take the stress of Bonfires Night off you dogs shoulders and let me look after them.  They won't be disturbed, no loud scary bangs and I throw in a special dinner to celebrate.   Last year's offering was venison sausages and sweet potato mash.