Our Paddocks

Quarrybrae Boarding Kennels is situated in, what can only be described as doggy heaven!    The boarding kennels are situated in 5 acres of beautiful Fife land that makes for fantastic walks for the dogs. 


I currently have  5 completely dog secure paddocks that I exercise our doggy guests in, at least 4 times a day - even when I'm at my busiest. 

I never mix dogs from different families allowing us the time to get to know your dog and for your dog to get to know us. I love the chance to throw a ball in the paddocks, for the dogs - so if you've a ball obsessed dog, QBK is the place for you!   If your dogs prefer to snuffle and potter - I've got that covered too!

I can cater for those more challenging dogs that have the ability to scale fences.   We have a lovely bunch of Podenco's, Galgos, Huskies, Lurchers and Malamutes who come stay with us.  I can safely have them in our paddocks on 100ft long lines that allow them to do whatever they like (apart from scaling fences)!  The long lines are excellent for dogs with no recall - I can reel them in and not have to worry about trying to catch them! **

I like to mix it up for the dogs so that they get to spend time in all the different paddocks; during their stay at QBK.  The dogs love being out and during the summer months, we provide paddling pools for the dogs to cool off in or have a good splash.  


If you'd like to come and see for yourself, what sets me apart from other kennels - please pop along for a visit.   Any time after 11am and before 2pm, excluding Wednesdays.  No appointment is necessary!

**You need to tell me, if you think your dog is likely to want to scale fences, at the time of booking so that I have advanced warning.**

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Quarrybrae Boarding Kennels 

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