Our Paddocks

Quarrybrae Boarding Kennels is situated in, what can only be described, as doggy heaven!    QBK is situated in 5 acres of beautiful Fife land that makes for fantastic off lead walks for the dogs. 


I currently have  5 completely dog secure paddocks that I exercise our doggy guests in, at least 4 times a day - even when I'm at my busiest. 

I never mix dogs from different families allowing me the time to get to know your dog and for your dog to get to know me. I love the chance to throw a ball in the paddocks, for the dogs - so if you've a ball obsessed dog, QBK is the place for you!   If your dogs prefer to snuffle and potter - I've got that covered too!

I can cater for those more challenging dogs that have the ability to scale fences.   We have a lovely bunch of Podenco's, Galgos, Huskies, Lurchers and Malamutes who come stay with us.  I can safely have them in our paddocks on 100ft long lines that allow them to do whatever they like (apart from scaling fences).

I like to mix it up for the dogs so that they get to spend time in all the different paddocks; during their stay at QBK.  The dogs love being out and during the summer months, I have paddling pools for the dogs to cool off in or have a good splash.  


If you'd like to come and see for yourself, what sets me apart from other kennels - please get in touch to make an appointment.

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