Doggy Dinners

I am passionate about offering good food for the dogs.  The dogs enjoy an active, busy holiday and it's important that they eat well.

I am in love with cold pressed dry dog food as it's so much kinder to dogs tummies and allows the food to dissolve from the outside in and helps guard against the risk of bloat.   Cold pressed means that the food is cooked very quickly at a low heat treatment for a very short time.  This, then preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients creating a naturally nutritious, balanced diet for dogs.

I have in stock both Guru and Lukullus cold pressed dry food in all flavour combinations including grain free varieties.  

I predominantly use Butchers and Forthglade wet food including grain free varieties.

I have a freezer stocked with Nature's Menu raw food including the entire Country Hunter range from Nature's Menu.

The dogs are welcome to enjoy Friday Fish Supper, a Sunday Roast and Monday Leftovers - all home cooked by myself to give the dogs a little something special at the weekends.

All our food is served with a freshly made Marmite Gravy that gives the dogs something extra special and warm in their tummies.

  • I have a large array of anti guzzle bowls

  • Raised feeding bowls

  • Variety of food dishes from stainless steel to plastic

I supply a huge amount of treats that the dogs enjoy during the day and just before bedtime.

If you'd prefer to bring your own food, that's not a problem.  There is no discount for bringing your own food.